I (Doug) started drinking and doing drugs while a youth.  Through a series of events when I was 37, including a serious car accident, I realized I needed God and turned my life over to Him.  I turned away from the life I had been living and entered ministry school. 


There, I felt God calling me into missions and specifically to working with people with addictions and other life-controlling problems.  At that time God also brought Jenelle and I together.  Jenelle had been a committed Christian since she was 15 and a missionary since she was 24.  


    While finishing ministry school, I entered Christ Center School of Counselling and Addictions Studies.  After completion of studies, we ministered in Mexico for 7 years, directing a rehabilitation facility for addicts and alcoholics.  


    God then moved us to the border area, in the Rio Grande Valley, where the Lord began using me in prison ministry, ministering to the addicts and alcoholics in jail.  We have opened a home for paroled prisoners and recovering substance abusers wanting a new start in life.


Our ministry's purpose is to "stick a thumb in the dike", much like the story of the boy in Holland who prevented a flood, as we make a difference in what is going on here on the border.

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What Keeps Us Going

"Carlos was drinking heavily and basically self-destructing.  At that point he would have been considered a failure.  Fortunately that wasn't the end of the story.  After 4 years, Carlos returned and eventually graduated from the program.  He went back to his hometown to be with his family.  When I talked to him last week he told about the peace in his life because of his relationship with God.  He also told me about how his family relationships have been completely restored."


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