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This is a Christian discipleship home for paroled prisoners and recovering substance abusers wanting a new start in life.

We receive letters weekly from men who desire to apply to come to our center.  There are so few places for them to go when they receive parole.  We have accepted several applicants, but it is still a process for them to get approved to parole to our location.  Also, we don't know exactly when they will be released.  For safety's sake for the prisons, the actual release date is not revealed until shortly before a man is released.  


Working on construction projects keeps the men busy and gives them job training. We also raise goats and chickens at the ministry center.  It is good therapy for  the men to have animals to care for.


  Since we opened Christian Family Home(CFH) I've been in a position to get to know a group of men in a closer, more personal way than when I go into the prisons.  I've been aware of the statistics for a long time, that 85 - 95% of inmates have serious father issues.  Now they aren't just numbers anymore but men with names and faces that I spend a lot of  time with.  Many times when I talk to them one-on-one they thank me for being like a dad  to them.  So far, without exception, every man  that has come to CFH has had a dad who was one of the "A" type dads  - alcohol/addiction/ abusive/ or absent.   While none of this excuses the wrong that these men have done, it's certainly given me a greater appreciation for how blessed I am that my Dad was there for me.  I'd like to encourage any man who has the opportunity to stand in the gap for a boy or a younger man, to know that you could make a big difference in his life.



What Is An Addiction?


    An addiction is not measured in the amount of drugs or alcohol used, it’s measured by the way it affects one’s relationships.  As devastating as the effects of addictions can be on a person physically, emotionally, or financially, it is almost always the deterioration of relationships that causes one to look for help.  Many of the men have families that are at the point of wanting to disown them. Their marriages are on the brink of divorce, and their children are hurt and confused. Thankfully, though, we have a God who can fix broken lives!

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What Keeps Us Going

"Carlos was drinking heavily and basically self-destructing.  At that point he would have been considered a failure.  Fortunately that wasn't the end of the story.  After 4 years, Carlos returned and eventually graduated from the program.  He went back to his hometown to be with his family.  When I talked to him last week he told about the peace in his life because of his relationship with God.  He also told me about how his family relationships have been completely restored."


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Please call 956-271-2719 and arrange to come by to visit or help.


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