Each man on our Board of Directors ( pictured above) has been involved in  prison ministry.





Last year , on a weekly basis, we had about 150 men go through our classes in the prisons. Additionally, 65 men attended the Spanish church services I preached at, and 185 men attended the English service. Since the beginning of the year we have started with new groups of  men in the classes. There has been a waiting list to get into the classes so the men seem really eager to participate.  In the Spanish church service in particular we have sensed more of an openness to God's Word and a willingness to respond.  We believe that God's purpose to reach the prisoners is often accomplished through the classes and church services available to them.  It  is an opportunity for them to respond to the Good News that God  loves them , and that He is willing to forgive them and give them a new life.  


Prison Ministry


I minister in three prisons or jails on a weekly basis.  Ministering in the prisons is both a time of evangelism and of discipleship.  About 80% of the men that are in prison have substance abuse issues, so I am welcomed into the prisons as both a minister and as a narcotics instructor.  I teach Bible studies, preach in the church services, and hold Celebrate Recovery meetings.  I have seen many men, including gang members commit themselves to Jesus during these meetings.


One time when I was preaching at the Spanish service at the prison, eight of the gang members came up for prayer.  It is exciting for me when they do.  It is not an easy decision for the gang members to make.  They know if they become a Christian that their fellow gang members in prison will beat them up for the decision that they made.  The good thing is that they will only get beat up once.  If they are sincere in their commitment, the gang members will leave them alone after that beating.


One positive development has been the opening of  a Christian dormitory at  one of  the prisons that I minister in. In studies of other prisons that have been using this type of model they have had a huge turnaround in the recidivism rate( rate of prisoners re-offending and returning to prison). While the rate of recidivism for prisoners in general is estimated to be in excess of 60%, it has been less than 10% for those that went through the Christian model.  Inmates  that  request to be housed in the dorm agree to participate  in the various activities and classes made available to them.  They also agree to be held accountable to a "higher standard" of conduct than the general  population of the prison.  As a dorm  pastor  I  have the opportunity to go in and spend  time with the men outside of  the normal  class times. I've been helping a group of Spanish speaking  men with a study called "Authentic Manhood. " A very high percent of the inmates never really had a positive male role-model in their lives. I share with the men that we have a "Heavenly Father" who loves us and will never fail us.

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"Carlos was drinking heavily and basically self-destructing.  At that point he would have been considered a failure.  Fortunately that wasn't the end of the story.  After 4 years, Carlos returned and eventually graduated from the program.  He went back to his hometown to be with his family.  When I talked to him last week he told about the peace in his life because of his relationship with God.  He also told me about how his family relationships have been completely restored."


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